Pizza Oven Firewood

Kiln dried firewood from South Yorkshire Firewood is an excellent wood fuel for use in wood fired pizza ovens, bread ovens and other wood fuelled cooking appliances. We already supply a number of commercial wood fired pizza restaurants & takeaways in the region and are also now seeing more and more people purchasing our firewood during the summer months for their own garden pizza ovens.

It seems like baking your own wood fired pizza at home is the new barbequing. An increasing number of people are installing an outdoor pizza oven in their garden or building their own. South Yorkshire Firewood can supply you with the perfect wood fuel to make sure your home pizza party is a roaring success. Your wood requirements might depend on the size & performance of your oven and only experimentation will resolve this. Most of our commercial pizza oven users prefer Ash wood, or some a mixture of Ash & Oak. We can also cut our logs to a slightly smaller size if this helps you get the best results from your oven.

All of our kiln dried firewood is dried to well below 20% moisture content and typically falls around 15%. It is Woodsure Ready to Burn approved and provides a clean burning, sustainably sourced fuel for your pizza oven.

It’s worth remembering that for a typical pizza oven session, you are likely to be wanting to build up the intense heat required for effective pizza baking quickly, but for a shorter period of time than most wood burners are typically lit for. Wood cut to a smaller log size can help with this, but you may need to feed the oven with wood fuel more often.

Please contact us on 0114 243 0304 or go to our Enquiries page to discuss your requirements.

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