Chips & Scraps

Fancy a bargain? We are now offering bulk bags of random chips & scraps of kiln dried hardwood that we wouldn’t be able to classify as ‘logs’. Although our new state of the art log processing plant is highly efficient at turning large diameter tree trunks into cut, split hardwood logs, there are always some chips, splinters and oddly shaped bits of wood that are produced. The majority of these are rejected automatically by our processing plant with further pieces separated out when our logs are hand sorted for packing. All of this material has been through our drying facility and due to most of it being of smaller size to our logs, is exceptionally dry.

What you are getting is a bit of a lucky dip bulk bag of bits & bobs that we wouldn’t want to sell you as logs but can still provide an effective and economical wood fuel. Some of it you will be able to use as kindling, or it can be used to supplement your normal logs. You could even use it as your main wood fuel source if you don’t mind feeding your fire or stove more often. These bags are 100% clean kiln dried hardwood, they are not floor sweepings and won’t contain bits of grit or other items that you wouldn’t want to put through your stove. There will be some bark present, but this is perfectly ok to burn.

Chips & Scraps

Bulk Bag of Chips & Scraps

Price: £60.00

These bulk bags are available for collection from our yard or can be delivered in conjunction with other products with a minimum order value of £60. Subject to availability.

Prices include 5% fuel duty that is charged on solid fuels

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