Catering Firewood

South Yorkshire Firewood supply the restaurant, pub and catering trade with high quality firewood logs that are perfect for either wood fired cooking facilities such as pizza ovens or for providing the ambience of a real fire in your restaurant or pub.

Our excellent quality firewood is a great choice whether you are after a little evening warmth in the garden or are needing a consistently high quality, reliable wood fuel product for your restaurant or wood fired pizza oven business. We can supply any quantity, whether it be a couple of net bags for your camping trip or garden party, or larger bulk volumes on a regular basis to ensure your catering business runs smoothly.

We already supply a number of wood fired pizza restaurants, mobile pizza oven businesses, pubs and restaurants throughout the region. We have built up a reputation for providing a high quality firewood product and a service that you can rely on to ensure that you never run out of wood fuel. We understand how crucial this supply is to your business and can implement regular, scheduled supply programs or can mobilise quickly to get some firewood to you when you need it.

Our kiln dried logs are a great choice for pizza ovens as they provide a consistently high product quality, minimizing variations in your ovens performance, and ensuring that the final pizza product you supply to your customer meets their expectations. With a low moisture content (generally around 15%), our logs are easy to light and burn cleanly at a high temperature. This helps to maintain a consistent temperature in your oven, logs with a higher moisture content can take a lot more energy (heat) out of the oven to reach a combustible state.

We can supply different species of wood and can work with you find out which wood type works best in your appliance. Different wood burning appliances have different burning characteristics and we would hope to be able to supply you with a wood type that maximises your ovens performance. If you have a particular wood type in mind, we would be happy to discuss your requirements and aim to meet your needs.

Please contact us on 0114 243 0304.


Prices inclusive of VAT at 5% (Fuel Tax Rates) for domestic fuel.

These hardwood logs are air kiln dried naturally at our premises until their moisture content 25% or below. We periodically check moisture content of all our stock and again prior to delivery ensuring that you have a satisfactory firewood product.

Our bags of kiln dried mixed hardwood logs may contain hardwoods such as Ash, Birch, Oak, Sycamore, Beech and other hardwoods but will only include woods that are good for burning. Wood types are dependant on availability. Different woods have different burning characteristics affecting heat output, burn time and smoke quality. More information about wood types can be found on our Help & Advice pages.

Logs are processed to an approximate length of 250mm which should be suitable to fit most wood burners and fireplaces used in the UK. However, this is a natural product and some variation in dimensions should be expected. If you are unhappy with the size of logs supplied to you, or they do not fit in your stove, we will try our best to correct this. If you have any special size requirements, we will try and accommodate this if possible.

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