Leisure Firewood

South Yorkshire Firewood can supply top quality firewood for your summer evenings in the garden or those camping trips where only a real log fire completes the experience. Whether you are entertaining friends with your garden pizza oven, sitting round a chimenea or fire-pit, or going away on a camping trip, we can supply you with all your firewood log needs.

Nothing quite beats a summer evening outdoors relaxing round a real wood fire. Our high quality kiln dried logs have an extremely low moisture content, ensuring that they light easily and burn with a bright flame and high heat output. This also helps to minimises smoke fumes ensuring that an evening round the fire remains a relaxing experience. We currently supply a number of commercial wood fired pizza businesses providing the confidence that our firewood works perfectly in pizza ovens and similar appliances.

All of our logs are cut to a size that should fit in most fire-pits, ovens and other wood burning appliances and can be delivered loose in bulk bags or our handier smaller net bags. Net bags are ideal for transporting in the boot of a car making them the ideal choice for a camping trip.


Prices inclusive of VAT at 5% (Fuel Tax Rates) for domestic fuel.

Our Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs are dried in a state of the art biomass fuelled drying facility to a moisture content of below 20%. We monitor moisture content throughout the drying process to ensure that you receive a good quality ‘Ready to Burn’ log product.

Our bags of kiln dried mixed hardwood logs may contain hardwoods such as Ash, Birch, Oak, Sycamore, Beech and other hardwoods but will only include woods that are good for burning. Wood types are dependant on availability. Different woods have different burning characteristics affecting heat output, burn time and smoke quality. More information about wood types can be found on our Help & Advice pages.

Logs are processed to an approximate length of 250mm which should be suitable to fit most wood burners and fireplaces used in the UK. However, this is a natural product and some variation in dimensions should be expected.

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